Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ready to tie the knot...

This morning I decided to dress the boys up for church sporting their brand new hand-me-down bowtie's. Noah was very excited because he had never worn a tie like this. So I put the tie in place and pressed the clips down to properly secure it and then asked Noah what he thought. He looked at me with a confused half smile and said, "Mom, I gonna get married now?" He must have seen a wedding and noticed that the tuxedo's usually have bowtie's. He never fails to make me laugh!! After church this afternoon Aaron and I were working on getting lunch together when Noah starting singing a new song that he must have learned during church. What a big boy!!


Lizzy said...

lol I guess that would go along with the whole kissing thing he has with Miss Galvin? :o)

Stephany Weldon said...

So glad you posted this! I had to cover m mouth in church I laughed so hard! He's such a smart kid!

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