Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We decided to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this year and invite our some of our friends over for dinner and begging.

Here is the line-up:
James ~ Chicken (A MALE CHICKEN!- that's for Tim.)
Noah ~ Woody. (He wants to wear the chaps, vest, boots and hat everywhere!)
Collin ~ Buzz Lightyear. (Bud-year if you're Collin.) Notice Collin is already tearing open a box of nerds that he snagged from our candy bowl that were going to pass out.
Peter ~ Thomas the train! OF COURSE!

So cute.

First house. Collin was holding his pumpkin in one hand and the candy she gave him in the other. She was generous and was trying to give him more candy, but he didn't know what to do. What a dilemma!!

Fill her up!

Peter finally talked Noah into letting him wear his hat and here he is with my dad.
*** note: my dad is NOT in costume. Where do you think Noah gets it?

After we were done, Aaron took the boys over to see Aunt Megan. Here is Collin facing yet another dilemma. How can he eat the yummy cupcake she made him and still keep eating his sucker. Maybe next year he should be a spider so he can have more hands and avoid this issue entirely!

Woody times two! Best Friends.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, I talked to my sister and the testing was all inconclusive. The swollen lymphnoid is not of concern and right now she is left scratching her head and waiting. I would like to ask that you keep lifting her up in prayer as it is really frustrating to know that something is really wrong and seemingly nobody can put their finger on what it is. Please pray for patience and answers. Better yet, please pray for healing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Noah Song

I grabbed the video camera tonight and took some footage of my guys. I can't upload the video to the laptop, so I will instead post the lyrics. So, imagine Noah working up his most bass sounding voice swaying back and forth to the tune he is making up as he goes along. Sit back, read and enjoy...

"When I was a boy I was a cowboy
And there were a lot of cowboys.
And they wanted me.
And there were a lot of family cowboys.
And they were saying how old I am
And I said I'm threeeeeeeeeeee.
The End."
He is quite the songwriter! He is totally in love with all things cowboy right now. I took the kids to the mall today for some playtime in the play area and when we got in the car Noah said ~ Mommy, I love cowboys, all kinds of cowboys. While at the mall he was approached by another cowboy, also wearing his boots and hat for an outing with his mom and sibing. He was about 7 or 8 and he and Noah became quick friends. He cracks me up. I love raising my boys and I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what comes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Going grey...

Okay, so I dyed my hair on Saturday night just for fun. I admit it is about 3 shades darker than I would have liked, but it is what it is and I don't really mind it. Well, on Sunday at church FOUR people came up to me, acknowledged the hair color change and immediately followed it with, oh do you have grey's you are covering up?? So why do I have to have a reason to change my hair color? Is 30 years old when you actually get that kind of response? Well, for the record, I still have a few weeks in my 20's~ so there!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pondering the prostate gland...

Did the title get your attention??
So yesterday morning I was at my urologist for the... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... removal of my stent. The nurse had applied some kind of numbing agent and left me alone in the room while the medicine worked it's magic. Well, I was lying on the table in a room covered with posters of anatomical pictures of GIGANTIC male organs. I swear they must be designed for the vision impaired, and can someone please explain why they have to put a face to the whole body picture. I felt like some nice looking gray haired man was staring at me while I tried not to look at his private parts. Anyway, I did some reading about parts of the body the Lord graciously skipped when designing the female body and I learned more about the pants that are designed for the poor unfortunate souls who have to use a colostomy bag or in my case a nephrostomy bag for any length of time. I can tell you, from experience, it is a terrible feeling to walk around with a warm bag of your own urine attached to your leg, and finding clothing to not only fit, but also disguise your "accessory" is no picnic. So hats off to the people who make pants with hidden zippers in the leg. Who knew.
Everything went as planned and I am now free of all artificial parts. I am still sore from the procedure, but soon I will be pain free and all of this will be behind me.
Thank you all for praying and encouraging me as I was going through this time. The lows were really low and the high's seemed few and far between. I eagerly await my next and Lord willing LAST appt with my urologist on Dec. 12 where we are expecting to say our goodbyes and move on, just in time for Christmas!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buzz and Woody

Here is a pic of Noah and Collin last weekend at their first ever Halloween costume party. My Mom's boss hosted the party and here is a great picture she took of my little guys. I can't believe they were both looking at the camera AND smiling. Woo-hoo!
They had a blast!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Conversation with Noah yesterday...
Noah ~ "Mommy, I want you to call your doctor so I can talk to him."
Mommy ~ " Why Bug?"
Noah ~ " I want to tell him to tell you that you can pick me up now."
Mommy ~ Heartbroken, big hugs!!

I have now been recovering for 4 weeks and I am still unable to lift the boys. When he does ask to be carried or picked up these days I usually jump at the chance because he is 3 1/2 and he just doesn't need me in that way as much as he used too. So now, when he asks I simply remind him of my big boo boo and that the doctor told me I have to let it heal for a while before I can carry him. I am amazed at how much he is able to understand.

In other news...
Please pray for my sister, Jenny. She is 31 and is dealing with some pretty serious health concerns. She is blacking out, loosing speech and vision. She also has a lymphnoid that has been swollen for 8 months. The doctor suspects her heart or brain. She is undergoing an erray of tests and procedures during the next few weeks and I know she would appreciate your prayer and encouragement.
Thank you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

What can I say about the man I love and have vowed to spend the rest of my life with. As many of you know Aaron can be a bit rough around the edges, but once you get past his honest displays of how he feels you will quickly see he is a wonderful man. I have never known love like we share. He truly wants what is best for me and always encourages me to seek God.
I remember the beginning of our relationship as if it happened yesterday. The deep connection I felt with him was overwhelming and amazing. My heart was overjoyed and I remember how my cheeks hurt from smiling all the time. At the time we met, Aaron was a swing manager at McDonald's and worked the am shift. I worked from about 4pm- 11pm as a telemarketing supervisor (don't hate me!) so obviously, we didn't have very compatible schedules. I would call him when I got home from work and we would talk until his alarm went off at like 3am. He won me over quickly with his crazy impressions, poetry, singing and the vulnerability he allowed me to see. He opened his heart to me, I graciously received it and in return I opened my heart to him.
We had been dating for about 14 months when Aaron proposed on Aug 29, 1999 and we were married Oct 7, 2000. I remember our wedding day. I was so excited. I somehow talked my folks into buying my wedding dress for me 8 months before Aaron actually proposed, I guess I just knew he was "it" for me. Crazy, looking back! Anyway, I felt like a princess when I put that dress on and Aaron looked so handsome in his tux. He wore tails at my request and he was reduced to tears when I walked through the doors of the sanctuary. I will never forget the look on his face. Pure love.
About 3 months shy of our first anniversary my back went out for the first time. Aaron was scared, even though I didn't know it at the time, but he was a rock for me. We didn't experience the typical first year of adjustment like many newly married couples do. We loved the closeness and being able to wake up in each others arms. We were so happy. When my back went out we went through a trying time. We felt alone in our suffering and unprepared to take care of all that was being placed in our laps. Somehow God saw us through. He carried us through beautifully and we came out of that time stronger than before.
In June 2002 we purchased our first home. It was a great time in our life and we quickly added a Pug to the mix, Miss Roxi. Things were going well and we were flying high.
In 2004 things came to a screeching halt. In March we lost our first baby. We grieved together, but in completely different ways. I will never forget the look on his face when he came home from work early after I called him to tell him the devastating news. He walked into the house, fell to his knee's and together we cried. It was a dark time in our lives, but it brought us closer by miles.
On March 9, 2005 we welcomed Noah Isaac into our family, 14 months later, May 22, 2006 Collin came along. The 2 new addition's made our love increase a million fold and the way I looked at him forever changed. The title of FATHER agreed with him and my love deepened.
As you know the last year has been crazy for us concerning my health. Aaron has been amazing through this. He has cared for our children, redirected me to God, gotten up with me throughout the night, cooked, cleaned and all without one complaint. I wish you could all see how well Aaron has done throughout this difficult time. I am grateful the Lord has given me the most amazing partner in life. I have no idea where he gets all of the energy to work all day, come home, play with the boys and then put them to bed. I am constantly impressed by his desire to do what is right and how he sincerely desires to serve God above all. He is a man of integrity, honor and truth. I love him and thank the Lord for him!!
Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you!!

Thanks for your support!....

A note of gratitude.
Mom ~ A million thank you's would only begin to tap into the amount of gratitude I feel toward you. Not only did you take time off work, you nursed me toward health. You were on call 24/7 and even slept by next to my bed to make sure I was okay. You shared yourself with me and the kids. You made yummy breakfast daily for the kids and took great care of them as well. Thank you for being my rock the first week I was at home. I love you.
Dad ~ I cannot thank you enough for all of the support you too have been for me during this difficult time. I know that it was hard for you to hold my hand during all of the pain induced tremors, but you did. I know you hurt for me, you always do, but you were an amazing support for me the week I spent at your house and you tried your best to make me comfy. The kids loved all of the field trips and wonderful outings. Thank you! I love you.
Jenny ~ It meant more to me thank I can put into words that you used a week of vacation time to help with all of our many needs. You are an amazing Aunt to the kids and you were a huge help to Aaron and I. Thank you for staying at the hospital with me the first night. I know you must have felt spread thin the week you were here, but you never complained. Thank you so much! I love you.
Stephany ~ Thanks so much for all of the behind the scenes work you have done on my behalf. Not only have you arranged meals for us for nearly 2 solid weeks, you have also watched the boys. Thanks for visiting me at the hospital and thanks to you and Tim for coming to the hospital before surgery. I really appreciate all of the selflessness you continue to show. You are truly a forever friend and I thank God for you. I love you.
Megan ~ I am so excited to see how our relationship is deepening. You have gone out of your way to visit me at the hospital and help with the kiddo's. They love you dearly and your genuine concern touches my heart.
South Dayton Presbyterian Church ~ It is such a blessing to be a part of a church that continually supports and prays for it's member's. Thank you for the many phone calls, meals, hospital visit's , flowers and countless cards. Thank you so much! I love you all so much.
Donna ~ Thank you for the amazing gift of caring for the kids for 2 full days. You are an incredible support. Thank you for loving our kids and taking great care of them. Thank you! I love you.
Pam ~ Thank you for taking the boys in the night before surgery and the night of surgery. Your family is a true testament of God's love. Thank you so much! I love you.
Rosie and Phil ~ Thank you for the food and the childcare. The kids had a blast playing at your house that day. Thank you! I love you.
Finally, I know Aaron did not make this list, I am saving my note for him for tomorrow, our 8th wedding anniversary.
To anyone I forgot to mention, thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate all of the love, support, prayer and encouragement, not only for me, but for Aaron and the kids as well.
We are truly blessed to be loved by so many.

Friday, October 3, 2008

a few words on my boys...

My best friend suggested I share some cute stories of my boys on my blog. Here you go Steph...

***While visiting Mommy in the hospital a couple of weeks ago Noah discovered the curtain that is used to provide privacy around the bed. In no time at all here is what evolved...
Noah : "Daddy you need to move your chair over there."(pointing near my sister)
Aaron: Moved his chair, interested in what that as all about.
Noah: "Come over here Collin."
Collin: Following Noah's instruction, joined his brother.
Noah : Closes the curtain. "Ladies and 'Gentlermen', presenting the Garfield show"
Swiftly opening the curtain, hands thrown into the air with great
excitement! "Ta-da!"
Collin : Grinning from ear to ear.
Followed by singing and entertainment for quite a while. The best show in town! 2 Mommy thumbs up!

***The week I was first released from the hospital the boys and I stayed at my parents house. The kids were in Heaven enjoying 24/7 Grandma and Grandpa time. My dad took Noah down to the tennis courts in their neighborhood with his bike to work on the art of cycling. The outing only lasted about 15 minutes. While on the way back to the house...
Noah : Stopped dead in his tracks, folded his arms across his chest, stared angrily
at my Dad and said, "Grandpa, I am mad at you!"
Grandpa : "Why" (holding back laughter)
Noah : "Yesterday I was trying to make a point and you took it."
Grandpa : "What?"
Noah : " Yes, you stole my point and my power."
Grandpa : "I am sorry."
Noah : dropped the angry pose and never spoke of it again.

*** The day before surgery, Jenny (my sister) and I took the kids to our favorite park. I was chasing Noah around and Jen was pushing Collin in the swing, his favorite park pass time. Out of nowhere Collin breaks out into song. "Swing swing swing swing". The boy is always quiet and this outburst was music to my heart!
While I was in the hospital, Jenny called me to let me hear Collin's new song style. He sings out at the top of his lungs. "Sunny Days, AHHHHHHHH! clouds away...."

*** Last night I was hugging and kissing Noah before bed and I asked him what he was going to do today. "He said he was going to see Katiegrace, (Aaron's cousin Donna is keeping the boys for us at her house and the kids love to play with her kids Katiegrace and baby Anniemarie), and I am going to smile at her."

*** The night before surgery, the kids spent the night with a wonderful family from church, the Lanni's. I was a bit concerned considering the kids had only slept away from us with my parents, not even Aaron's folks. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Aaron and I bathed this situation in prayer. Well, when we got to their home, Collin heard Mrs. Lanni say they could watch a Veggie Tale movie before bed. That was enough for him. He made himself right at home and pulled an Elmo chair away from the wall and promptly positioned himself in front of the TV. He looked at us and said, "Bye-Bye."
Noah, ran to the door and announced, "Here you go, I will get the door for you." He held the door and said, " Bye, see you later." Thanks God, that couldn't have gone better! :)

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