Monday, January 21, 2008

My own Extreme Makeover... In progress!

Well, I am excited to report that the lasik surgery was one of the best things I have ever decided to do for myself!! I keep joking that I am undergoing an extreme makeover!! Oh how I would love to have my teeth whitened, but unless ABC knocks at my front door with a limo ready to sweep me off to the dentist I think I will have to wait.:) I am so excited about the results of my eye surgery that I can't seem to stop talking about it. The lazer treatment itself only lasted about 5 minutes total for both eyes. The only medication I was given was 2 Tyelnol PM's for pain and to help me sleep post op. The procedure was seemless and by 7:50 the very next morning I had 20/20 vision with the expectation (per the doc) to have even better vision w/i the next few weeks. The procedure is not cheap, but will pay for itself w/i the next 8 years or so. I choose Lasik Plus off of Clyo road in Centerville and I highly reccommend them to anyone. I also had a consultation with Dr. Stahl and the same procedure there ran about $2,000 more (yes, I did mean to put 3 zero's there). I know some people who have gone with Stahl vision and they have had great success as well. So I guess my advice would be - for those of you considering the procedure- go for a consultation. Ask for a FREE consultation and shop around. The technology is the same everywhere, but apparently the price can vary. For those of you who read my blog and live south of the Dayton area, Lasik plus also has an office in Cincy. Anyway, if anyone wants to know what the procedure is like I would be happy to go more in depth with detail, but I will abstain for now, because some people just don't want to know. If you want to know even more, ask Aaron. He watched the entire procedure on a monitor that projected exactly what the doctor saw. He can truely say that he has now looked deep into my eyes ;)
Thanks for all of your prayer and support.
By the way, as soon as I got off of the table I was able to see, albeit blurry, like opening your eyes under water.

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