Monday, January 14, 2008

Building blocks make me remember....

I thought I would share a few pics from the most common activity you will find going on at my house, followed closely by building puzzle's. During my shower I give the boys their megablocks and they go to town. This has been an answer to prayer because for several months now my shower time ( even though the average shower for me is about 5 minutes ) = mischief time for the Dell boys. If you look closely at the picture of Noah lining his blocks up to make a "snake" (of course) you will notice something missing on the doorframe. The lighter stained area used to house the thingie on the frame of the door that accepted the part of the door itself that holds the door shut. (You know, the thing that goes into the door when you turn the handle.) :) Well, about 7 months ago - give or take - Noah unscrewed that plate with his bare hands so bye bye door knob pooker outer receiving aparatus. Not only does he take apart the door frame stuff, he also takes out doorpins and doorknob covers (ie child-proofing things) which explains the lack of doorknob on his closet door. Now onto the bed, or should I say lack thereof. One day while in the shower, shortly after merging the two boys together into one room, I came out of the shower to find Noah chasing Collin around the room with one end of his former bed. Let me further explain... Noah was sleeping in the crib that was converted into a toddler bed. This design allows for the end rails to be up as well as one of the side rails. It is equal to a toddler daybed. Well, during my shower he had not only removed the mattress and crib board, (standard operating procedure), but he had discovered how to remove the running board as well as lower one side of the side rail to detach the end portion. Long story short, the bed was removed by the time Aaron got home from work that day. Noah loves his sleeping arrangement because he says he is camping.
I knew when the Lord gave me two boys I would be in for few challenges along the way, but I never considered that they would begin to outsmart their mom before they were 3.
Who knew?!?!

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