Monday, January 14, 2008

The door chain...

I thought I would address the door chain hanging down in one of the pics from my previous blog. That was apparently the room the elderly previous owner of our home used to sleep in. When we first looked at our house that rrom was really funny. The room was only furnished by a double bed sporting a 1960's style bedspread and a tv tray holdin a rather new computer. I guess she must have locked her door shut at night. Well, have no fear, whenever we actually use the door in the boys room (now it is attached to the baseboard by a hook & eye type lock) we will remove it so Aaron and I will not have to climb in through the window when the boys lock us out someday! :)
I just thought I'd clarify.

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Erin said...

You are clearly (and wisely) thinking ahead. Smart. I love reading your blog because I feel it is visions of my wondering if Jack can take apart HIS bed. Or Sam's. Concerning baby-proofing (HA!)....these items are just something else to investigate, manipulate, and conquer. So- do you think a refrigerator lock would hold an oven door shut? Or should I just go ahead and move the couch in front of the stove, with myself on it?? Also, where is Noah registered??? We promise not to buy him anything sharp. :)

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