Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family fun night...

Yesterday was just another Friday, well not exactly. Aaron and I have decide to try to have a once a month family fun night where we go do something extra special. For this night we decide to have a costume party, invited our parents and Josh and Megan (only my parents could make it) and order pizza, eat in front of the tv and then have some cuddle time on the floor and watch the rest of the dvd.
Here are some pics...

Noah was Buzz (of course), Collin was a spider, Aaron was a clown and I was a bunny.

Maw Maw was a nurse (shock!!) and Paw Paw was a train Engineer.


Time to rest!!

I highly recommend instituting a family fun night if you don't do something like it already!! It is fun for everyone!!!

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Erin said...

I LOVE this idea! The Ranson clan is doing this, even if I have to tug their costumes over their heads myself! Fantastic pictures! Am especially digging your dad's train conductor costume. And Aaron's clown cheeks. And your bunny ears and...oh- and the kids look pretty sweet too. :-)

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