Thursday, December 31, 2009

A bloggers dream

So, I really want to go to Blissdom 10, had even planned on it. Well, it is not happening this year, we just can't afford it. That being said, I think my subconscious still holds out hope that Aaron will drop the needed amount of money on my lap and send me on my way. Anyway, here is the dream I had last night.
It was a beautiful day and I was walking through Nashville, ( the Nashville in my mind is beautiful. I have never actually been there.) I was walking through the parking lot of a busines office where Blissdom was being held. ( I know it is at an amazing hotel, but this was my dream people, so that is where it was.) So, I was just walking by an old truck and lying in the back were 2 little girls, I would say about 6 & 8. I asked what they were doing there, in their sleeping bags, and they explained that their mom was a blogger and just HAD to go to Blissdom, but had no one to watch them so she brought them along. They continued to tell me that they had been there the entire time and that their mom would bring them food, so I didn't need to worry. Well, I scooped them out of the truck and we went to the nearest police dept. The mom was arrested and I was given a free pass to Blissdom 10. I was so happy! Nevermind the fact that those girls were completely neglected, minor detail. LOL!!
Oh Blissdom, why must you cost so much! :(
To all of my bloggy friends, may you have safe travel and a wonderful time at Blissdom! I will be there in spirit. Keep an eye out for me in a parking lot near the hotel. AND please leave your children in the care of someone you trust, not in the back of your truck. ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

My new favorite cookbook!!!

I just got home from a very exciting run to the local Books & Co. Why was it so exciting? BECAUSE I bought a very special cookbook written by one of my dearest friends! When I got to the bookstore I quickly scanned the aisles looking for the newest cookbook on the shelves. I couldn't find it! GRRR!! I went the cookbook section, and there it was!! Beautiful. Crisp. Happy. AND mine. I scooped it up and ran to the nearest register. I quickly read the first couple pages and had to stop. I was all teared up. Ya see, I have been blessed to know the wonderful author of this book. I have seen her ride the waves of the journey that has produced such a great resource for families who strive to be good stewards of their money. Thank you, Erin, for sharing your journey with me. I pray that as you continue to discover where God is leading you never lose sight of him. May God continue to bless you and your family on this amazing adventure. I love you!!
No, get off the computer and GO BUY YOUR OWN COPY!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The best gift of this Christmas....

Lately Noah has been asking me a lot of questions about death. It has been quite unusual and very intense. He has cried and asked very pointed questions. Well, last night while on the way home from a Christmas party, he once again asked me what would happen when I died. Aaron and I talked with Noah and the most beautiful, unexpected thing happened... Noah asked Jesus to come into his heart. At 4 3/4 years old, God has opened Noah's eyes and prompted his heart. Praise God! Merry Christmas to my sweet Noah and new brother in Christ. What a special blessing to be able to share this amazing moment with my husband and oldest son.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A year in review!

We are nearing the end of another year. How the crap did that happen? I have no idea. This year has flown by so fast and as I reflect on 2009 a few things come to mind. SO... I will reflect for you here and now...
In October we almost lost our dear, precious Collin. As many of you know, he was in the hospital for 6 days with pneumonia. I thank God every day for healing him. The night we decided to take Collin to the hospital was difficult. We kept calling our pediatrician, "ask a nurse", Children's hospital and other doctors. All of them said his breathing was rapid because of his fever. I knew, in my heart, that something else was going on. When we arrived at the hospital and they swept us off to a room, I got scared. I believe that if we hadn't made the decision to take him in that night, he would have died. Thank God he didn't. Thank God for giving us wonderful care at Dayton Children's. Thank God for saving our boy!
In August, I began homeschooling Noah. It has been something we wanted to do since we began discussing having kids. The journey has been amazing. I think the greatest gift of homeschooling will be learning how Noah and Collin learn. When we started school, Noah could hardly draw a stick figure. As of this week, he was able to write several words and draw several things. It is so great to watch him learn and to see the lightbulbs go off. What a blessing!
In October, Aaron and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe we have been married almost an entire decade. He is a wonderful husband. He loves his family and works so hard to provide for us so I can stay at home with the boys. He was promoted to supervisor and is thriving at work. I am so proud of him.
Currently I am dealing with some pretty intense back pain. I am thankful for the prayer and support I have received. It is frustrating to be in chronic pain, but thankfully, I am optimistic. It seems this year has brought a lot of depression in my life. I have prayed that God would take that and I really feel like he lifted that weight off my shoulders. Praise God!
This year has also brought the gift of new friends. Last May I attended a Moms Night Out event. It was a lot of fun and I met some really nice mama's! (Love you ladies!!)
In the upcoming year I look forward to launching 2 new blogs (stay tuned) as I continue to discover new parts of myself.
I want to thank you for reading my blog and sharing in our journey!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here's MARLEY!!!

While looking on Craigslist last night for a dog to adopt an ad grabbed my attention about a pug that needed a home ASAP! So.... we adopted Marley. Really we adopted Harley, but we quickly changed that to Marley. He hasn't even noticed. Here are Roxi (9) and Marley (11mos or so). Poor Roxi didn't even get dinner first before Marley had his way with her. :( She was not happy. Needless to say, Mr. Marley will be getting the old snipperoo as soon as we schedule the appt. hoping this week though.
Noah is SO happy!
Collin is so silly! Happy, but silly!
Both boys are CA-UTE!!

We are so happy to have another pug. He is a great addition to the family and he is even house broken. We are dealing with some territory marking, but other than that all is well. Except of course for poor Roxi, she could use a break, or maybe a smoke. ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since Collin's stay in the hospital in October, Noah and Collin have been in LOVE with each other.
They love to wrestle and play with each other.
My favorite is...
when they love on each other.

What a tremendous blessing to be the mother to such beautiful boys.

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