Monday, July 14, 2008

Who knew, I have a green thumb.

This is the first veggie I have grown! I am so excited! I started a VERY small garden this year and this is the first zucchini that was ready to pick.
I made some delicious bread with it.


RDC CCC Mom said...

FUN! I'm hoping to turn my black thumb into a green one this year! I have many hopes and dreams for a garden, but not enough sun in our yard!!!

Jen said...

Way to grow, Becky! I keep trying to find room in our backyard for a garden, but the kids have taken the whole thing over. I do have a couple pots of peppers and tomatoes, but that's it.

Erin said...

Hey, that is exciting! I've been thinking about trying that but am always awful at growing things and actually, you know, keeping them alive. You are inspiring me with the temptation of zucchini bread! :)

Stephany said...

. . .and boy are they yummy!!!!!

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