Friday, July 11, 2008


Hello all,
I am experiencing pain in my right foot, I have been since right after Collin was born, it is arch pain. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue and if I need to set an appointment with a foot doc or if I should just buy some OTC arch supports.


Mrs_Scotsman said...

What about going to see a chiroprator? Mine is Christian woman and I goto her first for any physical pain (sinus pain too!).

Jen said...

I had a lot of arch trouble my freshman year of college...not good when you have to walk to class several times a day. Turns out I had a stress fracture in my left foot. I got a cortisone shot and it helped until my foot healed. Hopefully your pain will be something less severe.

Jenny said...

Hey sis, I swear by my arch supports. I started wearing them when I worked at Kroger adn walked on those hard floors all day. When I wore them... no major pain. When I forgot... major pain in my back, legs and feet. There you go tiny grasshopper... that is my sage advice.

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