Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I know, I know...

Okay I know I sent out an SOS regarding my need for weightloss support, so please keep laughing to a minimum as you read on.:)
I wanted to let everyone know that I went with my dad and son's to The Cheesecake Factory today to take advantage of their 30th anniversary special, $1.50 per slice of cheesecake. I accounted for the calories and only ate 2 bites of each of the 3 pieces the boys and I got. They were AMAZING!!!!!!
So, to all of you that live near a cheesecake factory, you may want to take advantage of the deal. You can get 1 slice of any of their cheesecakes, per person, for $1.50 (dine-in only, but you can get it "togo". We have enough cheesecake left over to take care of dessert for my family for the next 2 - 3 nights.


Stephany said...

On what day/days?

Mrs_Scotsman said...

It was so gooooooooooood! I won't tell you how much of mine I ate. It was worth the hour wait (it helped that we could hang out in the town square while we waited.

I'll see you at the next free/cheap event!


Stephany said...

I really liked what you and I did, before the boys. - with the Dr.Phil book, the questions, the notebook and the accountability!!! Wow. . .that worded nicely! What do you think?
Also, something to inspire working out too. . .that's my hardest thing to do right now!

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