Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on Collin

Collin's story(by Aunt Jen)
(Here is the story to the best of my understanding.) Last week Collin got very sick. Becky and Aaron consulted the doctor who said it sounded like H1N1. Since everyone is advising people to quarantine themselves with H1N1 and stay out of the dr office unless things get really bad, they did. By Thursday, Collin was on his 3rd day 0f a 102+ temp and was not himself at all. He wasn't eating, sleeping or doing anything but moaning and trying to breathe. So, Becky took him in to the doc. The doctor assured her that it was H1N1 and that they did not need to do any further testing. Things kept getting worse and by Friday night Becky's "mommy-radar" was blaring loudly that something was off. On Saturday they called the doctor to explain that Collin's color was way off and he was really struggling to breathe and his temp was still very high. They were advised to wait until Monday to do anything. By Sunday night, Becky's mommy radar was too loud to deny and she did what she and Aaron thought was best, despite the doctor's advice. They took Collin to Children's because he was really struggling to breathe. They assessed him and became very concerned (Becky only learned the severity of this concern after the fact). Testing showed that Collin did not have H1N1 or any other flus but had pneumonia. Due to the fact that this was misdiagnosed, his pneumonia festered in his little chest and he was admitted to the hospital. He is currently on very strong IV antibiotics and oxygen. His respiration is starting to get better and his temp is back down under 100 after a slight jump earlier tonight. Please keep Collin and his family in your prayers. He will be in the hospital at least through Wednesday.

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