Friday, November 28, 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. We spent some time with both my family (minus my sister) :( and Aaron's in the evening (minus extended family) :(. I would post pictures, but, I took NONE! I don't know what is wrong with my brain! I used to take lots of pics. We ate too much and spent a lot of time enjoying the family God has given us.
Today, Aaron and I took the boys to the doctor. It was wonderful to have help on this venture. Usually the doc appt's are stressful, but with an extra set of eyes and hands, it was not too bad. Collin had his 2 1/2 year exam topped off with the flu mist and Noah had his flu mist. I'm so happy they don't have to get the shot anymore. Well, during Collin's exam, the doctor noticed that Collin's "birthmark" is located right over his spine. Apparently this can sometimes indicate spinal/ nerve problems so we will be going in a few weeks to get an MRI on our baby. As you may imagine, my heart sunk a little when I found out sweet Collin may have back problems, but I am comforted by the statistics ( only about 10% of the time is something wrong) and by the fact that God has this all worked out in the plan He has laid out for Collin's life. I am not looking forward to having my boy sedated, but it is the only way to give an MRI to a child. I will post the date when we have one set.
The good news, Collin is doing great and the Pediatrician is no longer concerned about his speech. :)


Therapy Mom said...

Call me when you get a minute!

DrMommy said...

So sorry to hear about Collin! I will be praying that it is much ado about nothing!

i'm beccy. said...

When Gavin had his MRI they had me bring him hungry and sleepy and gave him an oral med that made him sleep more deeply, but he didn't have to be put under completely with an IV. I will be praying for you - it is so hard to watch your kids go through stuff.

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