Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's my birthday !

So today is my 30th birthday. I started the day in the most wonderful way imaginable, Noah and Collin climbed into bed to cuddle with Aaron and I. These days cuddle time is quickly interrupted by Aaron or I dragging Collin to the potty, but after our potty trip, the boys and I covered up and I asked them if they knew what day it was. Noah quickly said, "it's your birthday!!" He broke out into song, this is what he said, "Happy birthday Mommy and chickens..." He sang the entire song and included the chickens until the end. I knew I was born on Mickey Mouse's 50th birthday, but I had NO idea that all chickens celebrate today too. What an honor! Collin also sang his version, "Happy Tirthday to tou, Mom". (note: the song from Collin was upbeat and exciting until he got to my name, then it sounded like there was another voice inserting a 'mom'.)It was the perfect start!
This morning I am looking forward to cleaning (only little) and around lunch time, Aaron's parents are coming over and I get some time off. I am planning on treating myself to some delicious free stuff! A free Moe's burrito for lunch, a free drink from Caribou while I do devotions and start my new journal (thanks Susan!) and if I have ANY room left I am going to have a delicious free ice cream from Cold Stone! Ahh to be the birthday girl!
I have to reflect for a moment, I remember turning 15 and saying how terrible it was that I was already 1/2 way to 30. I must have thought that 30 was so close to death that I might as well throw the towel in and call it a day. How funny. To be honest, I am happy to leave my 20's, I am ready for bigger and better, older and wiser. Have a great day, I certainly plan on it!


Sarah said...

One of my high school teachers had the audacity to say tell us that the teen years were the best years of our lives. She was wrong about many other things too.
Happy Birthday!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday! Free food alone sounds like a fabulous celebration to me!!

Therapy Mom said...

Yeah for a new decade and Yeah for Free stuff! Welcome to the 30s!

DrMommy said...

Happy Birthday, pretty lady!

(And thanks for always reminding me to reflect on the joys and sweet moments of mothering...you are an inspiration to me.)

i'm beccy. said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Abbey said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend, you may be older, but you don't look it! You are fabulous dear. Wiser, you bet! Now the fun truly begins in our 30's. I remember thinking that 30 was a slippery slope to nowhere, but I thought that at age 29. Well, after 9 months of being 30 life can still be thrilling:) lots of love from the okie cowgirl! I love stories about the boys. I always smile, can't wait to see your family-hopefully this summer!

Jen said...

Happy 30th, Becky! I hope your day turned out as well as you planned.

Stephany said...

Happy Birthday B!!

I'm glad you went, ALMOST, a whole day of NOT calling someone on your one and only day to yourself!
Have a wonderful evening with your hubby!

Love YOU!

Jenny said...

I always had to share my birthday party with dad why didn't you have to share yours with the chickens? That, my friend, is simply not fair!! We are so different. I remember your emotional 15th. So many tears!! So many threats that you didn't want to celebrate because you were half way to 30. So many funny memories! Happy Birthday sister!

Mrs_Scotsman said...


Welcome to 30 the age of credibility.

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