Monday, January 12, 2009

Why the delay...

Okay, so I am fully intending on posting the second entry on Christmas, but I am having camera uploading problem's. It may be the middle of February, but I will put up Chistmas day pics with Aaron's side of the family.

Things have been really crazy here. I think that Jan has actually been more busy than Dec. It is crazy. I will not recap on the first 1/2 of the month, but I will happily take you through the happenings of today. :)
This morning I was ACTIVE!! Praise the Lord. Not only was I able to work out for almost 40 minutes, I also got to play in the snow with my boys. Last winter I was in a lot of pain and unable to be an active mommy, so this year, I am trying to make up for lost time. I am learning to take time to listen to my body so I do not overdo it, but I am carefully pushing myself so I can get the most out of every minute. I am so thankful for today.
Let me give you an idea of how things went down here. My dad helped Noah make a perfect snow angel. Noah stood up to look at his masterpiece and Collin decided to give it a try himself. Well, something got lost in translation. I looked up from Noah's beautiful snow angel to see Collin rolling (as if down hill) across the yard all the way over to Noah's angel where he promptly rolled right over Noah's angel. Thankfully Noah had moved onto making snowballs and he didn't care at all.


Donna said...

Hey Becky, loved catching up with all your pictures and blogs. Can't wait to Wii fit with you! It will be nice to see you at MOPS again.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

Way to go on working out for 40 minutes! Keep it up. I'm going to a workout class tonight.

DrMommy said...

Dear lady, take heart.

It's only the middle of January, not February. ;-)

See you when I get back from CA...

PS. You rock for working out so long. I am ready to get back to it...hopefully I will get started in CA because my Dad always has guest passes to his health club (he has gone 3 times a week for more than 25 years). It's always sobering and motivating to go to the gym with a 70 year old man and watch him whip my butt!!

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Yeah for movement! Amazing how good it makes you feel, huh?
Praise Him that you are Well!

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