Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Day For Noah!

This evening Noah experienced MANY big moments in various area's of development. He is a smart kid (big shock coming from his Mommy), but he doesn't like to attempt things until he has thought about them and is fairly confident that he is able to do it. I love this about him, but I pray that as he continues to grow so will his desire to try things even if failing is an option. Last summer he attempted to ride his tricycle only a handful of times same thing goes with his bike. Well, today he sat down on his tricycle and took off. Then, as if that weren't enough, I asked him to work with me on his letters. At this stage in the game he knows a few, but doesn't want to talk about them in a learning environment yet, but tonight he drew an "A" and a little "a" ALL BY HIMSELF! Then, to make my heart burst with even more excitement, while we were working on "Aa" he asked if he could just draw. I got out the papers and crayons and I drew a stick figure. Let me explain a few things first, he doesn't like to draw! AT ALL! Sometimes he will want to color, but he never wants to just draw. Well he saw my stick figure was purple so he said it was me and he wanted to draw a man. Guess what HE DID! First attempt! If my computer would let me upload my pics I would show you, but it won't so take my word for it... it was PERFECT! I could not believe it.
I am so proud of him! He took a lot of risks today and I pray this will help him to enjoy risk taking while learning new things.

By the way, he said his stick figure was "Jesus". I guess if you are a perfectionist that is who you would draw first. ;)

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