Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Noah and winter fun!!

So today we had a snow day!!! Aaron was off today because of the wonderful snow storm! This morning we went into the front yard and made snow angels and had a snowball fight. We came inside, had hot chocolate w/ marshmallows and ate grilled cheese and soup. Naptime came and went too quickly, then we hopped into the van and drove to a nearby sledding hill. I got to go down the hill once with each kid and Aaron took each of the boys down several times. On the way home we stopped at the video store and Aaron ran in to get a few movies. While the boys and I were waiting on Daddy, Noah asked me to write a letter to his friend Michaela. I will close with his letter.
I hope your snow day was as fun as ours!!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my dear Michaela. Please Lord, let her to marry me.


Therapy Mom said...

I heard how he asked dear Michaela's daddy for permission to marry her! I just love it!!!

Erin said...

There's a man who knows what he wants! Only 15-20 more years of prayer before his dream could come true! I love it.

dark disciple said...

The thing it says to me now,is that he looks at marriage as a good thing.

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