Monday, January 11, 2010

Noah's Stitches

On Sat, Jan 2 Noah and Collin were chasing each other in the house when Noah slipped and hit his head on the dining room table. Of course I had just told them to stop running in the house when this happened. BIG shock, I know. Anyhow, he ended up with 11 stitches outside and some inside too.One of the ER nurses brought him this army helmet. God bless her, she looked for a cowboy hat for him, but couldn't find one.
He was very brave during the stitching and didn't even cry!
Today we were able to go to the pediatrician and get them removed. He said he was "a lot of nervous!", but once again he was really brave. We went to our new pediatrician and the kids loved him!! He let both boys try on his magnifying lighted headband. He even let Collin sit on the exam table by Noah's head and watch him take the stitches out. The entire time, Collin kept telling Noah how brave he was being and that it would be over soon! The boys are very loving and sweet to each other today. They were perfectly behaved while we were at the doc's and even gave each other an unprompted hug and kiss after Noah was all done! I feel so blessed to have sons that really enjoy each other. I pray God will guard their relationship and keep them close!
Way to go Noah!! I am so proud of you! (You too Collin.)

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daisiesforu said...

I am so glad it went well. Looks painful. He is much braver than I am.
I love the book in the background. HAHA

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