Thursday, December 31, 2009

A bloggers dream

So, I really want to go to Blissdom 10, had even planned on it. Well, it is not happening this year, we just can't afford it. That being said, I think my subconscious still holds out hope that Aaron will drop the needed amount of money on my lap and send me on my way. Anyway, here is the dream I had last night.
It was a beautiful day and I was walking through Nashville, ( the Nashville in my mind is beautiful. I have never actually been there.) I was walking through the parking lot of a busines office where Blissdom was being held. ( I know it is at an amazing hotel, but this was my dream people, so that is where it was.) So, I was just walking by an old truck and lying in the back were 2 little girls, I would say about 6 & 8. I asked what they were doing there, in their sleeping bags, and they explained that their mom was a blogger and just HAD to go to Blissdom, but had no one to watch them so she brought them along. They continued to tell me that they had been there the entire time and that their mom would bring them food, so I didn't need to worry. Well, I scooped them out of the truck and we went to the nearest police dept. The mom was arrested and I was given a free pass to Blissdom 10. I was so happy! Nevermind the fact that those girls were completely neglected, minor detail. LOL!!
Oh Blissdom, why must you cost so much! :(
To all of my bloggy friends, may you have safe travel and a wonderful time at Blissdom! I will be there in spirit. Keep an eye out for me in a parking lot near the hotel. AND please leave your children in the care of someone you trust, not in the back of your truck. ;)

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daisiesforu said...

I will be here to. Don't feel bad. I really want to go but since I am due that week I guess it isn't a good idea. Maybe we can go to blogher or maybe next year.

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