Friday, September 25, 2009

Poor Collin

Poor Collin!! He was dancing and fell face first on a really hard floor. His open mouth hit the ground before his feet returned to the ground. OUCH!! The stuff around his lips is dried blood. It was a pretty bloody scene. The dentist seems to think that if the teeth don't fall out, he will be okay. If he does lose a tooth (or 2), because he is only 3, he will probably have to have a spacer put in. I pray that he won't have to deal with that.

Here you can (kinda) see how puffy his little lip is.
Poor Baby!


Therapy Mom said...

EEKS! Ouch!

Stephany said...

Poor Monkey!!! Hope the swelling goes down tonight!!!

DrMommy said...

Boy, he and Emma could start a support group. We have to wait 6+ months to see if her top teeth will be normal.

Sarah said...

Paul had a similar injury when he was 2. His teeth ended up being fine. Hope Collin's teeth do likewise. Some kids have remarkably resilient teeth. Don't be shocked if the injured teeth turn a little gray.

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