Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love this pic of Mamaw and Collin! We went on a picnic with Mamaw and Poppie after visiting Sunwatch Indian Village.
This is such a sweet pic of the boys! Not only are they hugging, Collin is also kissing Noah! LOVE!!
Collin love this!
Noah was fascinated with the miniature displays in the Sunwatch Museum.

Well many things have been going on and I apologize for neglecting my blog and leaving you hanging for so long.
Here is a quick update!
Jenny came home for a brief visit to celebrate her 32nd birthday. It was a great visit and we had a lot of fun!!
I said goodbye to a dear friend Susan, her hubs and her 3 beautiful kids as they were relocated to "stupid"Alaska. I miss her deeply and I wish she were still here, but trust God has a bigger plan for her, so I will rest in that.
For a while now, I have had the desire to start a new blog. Well my sister has agreed to partner with me and we will soon LAUNCH our new blog! I am really excited about this new adventure and work together on this project.
I hate how impersonal this post is, but I wanted to catch you up on the last couple weeks.
I will post more pics soon!

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