Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Friday night, Aaron and I went to Thai night with Josh and Megan. (Aaron's brother and his wife.)

We were walking around the Oregon District after our DELISH dinner and I thought I should pose for a pic in my "pin-up" outfit. The story is, I wore this to church a few weeks ago and I got several comments on my outfit choice. Everything from Rizzo from Grease to Minnie Mouse, but mostly people said I looked like a 50's pin-up girl. UMM okay. So, a pic had to be taken! Other shots are a little to riskay for this here blog, so I will post the most innocent. ;) wink wink;)

Here is my fav pic of the evening! I love me some Megan!!
Crazy part of the night, Josh was window shopping *read I sent him away so Megan could take some more pics of me!* at one of the antique stores and the owner of the shop came over to try to make a sale. Well, along with him came 2 other men, one of them was Aaron and Joshua's cousin Damon... small world. We ended up spending the rest of the evening at the Trolley Stop sharing drinks and great convo with Damon and his girlfriend, Jen. It was wonderful!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your racy side.

Jenny said...

Hey don't forget who made all those comments possible! I am glad you had a great night sounds like a lot of fun!

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