Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Out of surgery

This is Becky's sister, Jenny. I thought I would give Aaron a little break. Becky's procedure went well. She is still sedated but the doctor's are pleased. We still covet your prayers. They placed a stent in the ureter which comes out of Becky's right kidney. If you don't know, a stent is kind of like a straw that they insert inside the ureter (in this case) which forces it to stay open. This should immediately relieve the pain and discomfort. PRAISE GOD!!! Becky does indeed have a congenital defect. The ureter does not attach to the kidney as it should and so pressure can build up causing it to work ineffectively and become blocked. This is exactly what happened. There was no kidney stone. This is a quick fix for a more pervasive problem. Becky and Aaron have a lot of things to sort through and the doctors want to schedule a reconstruction to fix the defect and prevent this from happening again. This second procedure is a significant operation. Please continue to lift up Becky and Aaron as they try to make sense of all of this. Praise God... we finally have an answer. This answer may also explain a significant amount of Becky's back pain, which may have actually been caused more by this complication and the pressure build up than by the actual issue with her discs. Thank you all for loving my sister so much and for joining with our family in our time of need!!! May God restore her to full and perfect health as only He can! To Him be all the glory...


Therapy Mom said...

I thank you for bringing Becky through this surgery. I thank you for leading them to the right doctors at the right time, despite months of frustration and not knowing. I thank you that you are their God and you will be their peace and comfort through these next few days and weeks. I praise you for their testimony, their faith and their witness.

Mrs_Scotsman said...


I'm so glad that you know what is going on with your body and that your surgery went well. Take care of yourself.


i'm beccy. said...

Love the label for this post. Just found your blog, and have been thinking of you guys (and praying a little - I think the Lord wanted me to pray more, but I will be now that I know how to better - I am a stupid sheep right now). Anyhow, thanks for keeping us updated. Lots of love (and more diligent prayers.)

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