Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Lord ALWAYS provides.

Okay so I am diligently working on committing this entire situation to God. I am filling in the schedule and I already have 2 entire weeks covered. Praise the Lord. I have been tested in this area (control) my entire life, maybe not this extreme, but it has definately been an area I have struggled with. Why do I constantly doubt that He will carry me through whatever comes my way? I could write for days about how He is providing childcare coverage, but I will just testify by saying THE LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!
I am still in need of filling in holes, but I sincerely trust that God will continue to fill our need.
If you are willing to help, just let me know.
4 weeks and counting.
Thank you for your continued prayer.


Therapy Mom said...

Ditto to Stephany's comment! Let me know what I can do...with the boys and meals! Cleaning, laundry, etc...I'm ready to help! For childcare...best days would be Thurs (at my house) or Friday (at your house). We have therapy/school M,T,W mornings/afternoon! Meals any time, any day!

Jen said...

I'd love to bring a meal. We're out of town a lot in Sept., so e-mail me with some dates and I'll pick one for when we're here. Any time you need me to run over and change loads of laundry, run the vacuum, etc., let me know.

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