Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Praise the Lord

Today I feel amazing. I am feeling better now that I am exercising and moving again.
Right now, I am not planning on going through with the P.T. and I am going to continue to work on strengthening my core. I have constant pain/discomfort, but I am able to function okay at this point.


Jen said...

Yeah...I'm so glad you are feeling better! It is amazing what exercise can do for you. Nathan was having a lot of joint/back problems until he started working out regularly and lifting weights. Now his pain is gone and he's in great shape too...maybe I should try some exercise! =)

RDC CCC Mom said...

Thanks for being such a great friend and support! Your faith and perseverence are a testimony to many! I appreciate your thankful attitude and willingness to be vulnerable!

Stephany said...

Yes, Praise the Lord!!!

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