Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's the plan

I finally got in to see a pain management doctor first thing this morning. This is how the Lord has anwered our prayers...
~The doctor, (Dr. Manocha), is great! He actually listened to me and took plenty of time to answer ALL of my questions. I found him to be extremely approachable and patient.
~ He thinks that going through with the cortisone injection's is our best plan for now. This is a huge answer to prayer because back surgery requires a much longer recovery period with much more therapy afterward. Also, the injection's will not remove anything from my body, this will allow us to have more option's later.
~ Later this week, Dr. Manocha will be off work for vacation and will not be back in the office until the second week of March, however, the scheduler was able to work me in tomorrow afternoon at 2:15 for my first injection!! Praise the Lord!
~So, that is where we stand. Please pray for my procedure tomorrow as last time they were very painful for me.
Thank you for your continued prayer support!!
Becky Dell

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