Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Alright, here is the scoop.....
It looks like I need surgery. I have an extremely herniated disc in my low back and it is compressing nerves affecting both of my legs. I am in a great deal of pain most days and in moderate pain the rest of the time. I have scheduled surgery on May 20th. In the mean time I will seek a second opinion, just to make sure I have no other option. The surgery will not be an easy one.
Here's the skinny:
*4 hours
*Remove the disc.
*Replace it with a spacer.
*Fuse it all together.
*Place 4 screws.
I feel like I will be a giant erector set!
*Approx. 3 days in the hospital.
*Month 1 "Nothing of value" (per doctor). Only walking.
*Month 2 Start driving!! Start doing daily activities.
*Month 3 Begin their exercise program where they will "beat me up" (doctor again) and strengthen my back. The doc assured me this would be very painful, but the results would be good.

So there you have it. The long and short of it.
In other news... I will go back for a second ultrasound of the 2 nodules on my thyroid tomorrow afternoon. I will post more when I have new info!

I wanted to leave you with this sweet little gem! So sweet! God's generous blessing to me that keeps me going on the days when I hurt the most. I am richly blessed!


katjandu said...

You're still in our prayers dear one. Keep us posted on things. When are you having your 2nd opinion?
How precious to hear him sing to you; you are so blessed!

Sarah said...

Will you be so gracious as to permit me to clean your bathroom and do some laundry while you are down?

Krista said...

Hope if surgery is it, that it goes well. My mom had herniated disks in her neck treated surgically, with a piece of her hip bone fused in their place when I was in college. She has done very well ever since.

I'm sure it won't make you feel any better, but my dog has IVDD too. He had surgery in 2005 on T13, t14 and now has an issue in L6, L7. Treating disk disease is no fun - no matter the method or the species.

I hope you feel a LOT better in a few months!

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