Friday, October 3, 2008

a few words on my boys...

My best friend suggested I share some cute stories of my boys on my blog. Here you go Steph...

***While visiting Mommy in the hospital a couple of weeks ago Noah discovered the curtain that is used to provide privacy around the bed. In no time at all here is what evolved...
Noah : "Daddy you need to move your chair over there."(pointing near my sister)
Aaron: Moved his chair, interested in what that as all about.
Noah: "Come over here Collin."
Collin: Following Noah's instruction, joined his brother.
Noah : Closes the curtain. "Ladies and 'Gentlermen', presenting the Garfield show"
Swiftly opening the curtain, hands thrown into the air with great
excitement! "Ta-da!"
Collin : Grinning from ear to ear.
Followed by singing and entertainment for quite a while. The best show in town! 2 Mommy thumbs up!

***The week I was first released from the hospital the boys and I stayed at my parents house. The kids were in Heaven enjoying 24/7 Grandma and Grandpa time. My dad took Noah down to the tennis courts in their neighborhood with his bike to work on the art of cycling. The outing only lasted about 15 minutes. While on the way back to the house...
Noah : Stopped dead in his tracks, folded his arms across his chest, stared angrily
at my Dad and said, "Grandpa, I am mad at you!"
Grandpa : "Why" (holding back laughter)
Noah : "Yesterday I was trying to make a point and you took it."
Grandpa : "What?"
Noah : " Yes, you stole my point and my power."
Grandpa : "I am sorry."
Noah : dropped the angry pose and never spoke of it again.

*** The day before surgery, Jenny (my sister) and I took the kids to our favorite park. I was chasing Noah around and Jen was pushing Collin in the swing, his favorite park pass time. Out of nowhere Collin breaks out into song. "Swing swing swing swing". The boy is always quiet and this outburst was music to my heart!
While I was in the hospital, Jenny called me to let me hear Collin's new song style. He sings out at the top of his lungs. "Sunny Days, AHHHHHHHH! clouds away...."

*** Last night I was hugging and kissing Noah before bed and I asked him what he was going to do today. "He said he was going to see Katiegrace, (Aaron's cousin Donna is keeping the boys for us at her house and the kids love to play with her kids Katiegrace and baby Anniemarie), and I am going to smile at her."

*** The night before surgery, the kids spent the night with a wonderful family from church, the Lanni's. I was a bit concerned considering the kids had only slept away from us with my parents, not even Aaron's folks. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Aaron and I bathed this situation in prayer. Well, when we got to their home, Collin heard Mrs. Lanni say they could watch a Veggie Tale movie before bed. That was enough for him. He made himself right at home and pulled an Elmo chair away from the wall and promptly positioned himself in front of the TV. He looked at us and said, "Bye-Bye."
Noah, ran to the door and announced, "Here you go, I will get the door for you." He held the door and said, " Bye, see you later." Thanks God, that couldn't have gone better! :)


AlyxLE said...

aren't the things kids say the best? The other day Olivia asked me if I could get a baby girl in my tummy now. I told her "NO! Kendrick is still a baby, we don't need any more" that seemed to appease her, for now anyways!

Stephany said...

I'm laughing out loud!
My favorite is Noah's case and 'point', how dare his grandfather take that away from him. :0)

Erika :-) said...

Love those stories!! Isn't it amazing how you can be having the roughest day and then your kid says something that just makes melts your heart or cracks you up!

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