Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garage sale bliss!

Okay, before I had kids I was such a snob about what I thought I would buy for my children. Now that we are in the full reality of how expensive these little blessings are, I have a new found appreciation for garage sales. Last year I co-hosted a sale at a friends house during the Centerville community sale (which is going on from today until Sat.), but this year, I got to enjoy it!
I picked my friend Stephany up at 7:25 this morning and we headed to our first sale, minus a couple of stops along the way. I was armed with $30 and the back of my minivan was flat and ready to load up with all of my finds! Well, $17.50 later, I happily ended our adventure with...
~ a "Home Depot" talking tool box ~ complete with accessories and toolbelt
~ a farm toy set
~ a kitchen set ~ "One Step Ahead" ~ with fridge, sink, diswasher, microwave... (not pictured)
~ 2 coloring books
~ 2 new boxes of Crayola crayons
~ Woody from Toy Story
~ Mr Incredible
~ an awesome helicopter
~ Books
~ a Thomas the Train lunch box
~ and much more.
Anyway, it was a blast! By the way, the kids don't know about most of the stuff so it will be fun to surprise them. I finished the outing with a special lunch at McDonald's and a nice visit to one of the parks near our house.

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Jen said...

What great finds! The boys will be thrilled.

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