Friday, December 7, 2007

Present for Mommy...

Last weekend Aaron and I took the boys to a local event
called "Winter Wonderland". My parents and sister met us
there and we had a great time. There were horse drawn carriage rides, appetizer's, sparkling grape juice and a little tykes shop where everything cost only 1 Santa buck (aka $1). I signed Noah up and paid the $1 (courtesy of my dad :) ) and bent down and asked him who he wanted to buy a gift for. I named everyone there and he chose me. I was so touched by his choice that I got a little weepy. I pulled myself together and watched him as he left my hand and went into the "Kids Only" area with a helper elf. I was sent away so I couldn't see what he was going to buy. My sister told me that he kept looking up with a confident, big boy grin. He thought it was so great that he was able to go shopping by himself. After he shopped for about 5 minutes he came over to me. He sat down with the gift-wrapped present and quickly opened it up and handed me the gift. He had picked out a very special Christmas light key chain that lights up when you push the button. His elf told my dad that she tried to encourage him to choose stationary or a candle, but he was set on this precious key chain. It is now proudly displayed on our Christmas tree in the dining room. What a treasure.

Collin... a horse of a different color.
When it comes to explaining Mr. Collin, many things come to mind. I chose to post this picture because it is very "him". He is very independent these days, but still finds plenty of time to cuddle and play with Mommy. He is beginning to really come out of his shell verbally and for that I am thankful. Last Sat. afternoon my parents stole Noah away to go to a parade in Lebanon, but it was too cold for Collin to be outside that long, so Aaron and I spent time with our youngest little man. We just went to lunch and ran a couple errands, but the time was special. We realized that when Noah isn't around, Collin speaks a lot more and really interacts more with people. It is pretty amazing really that our little guy is constantly learning and has a bunch of info stored up to blirt out when the time is right. He is a very special little man and I am so blessed to be his mommy.
As for me, today seems to be a good day. The boys are across the hall in their room using their mattresses as gym mats and I am finding a few minutes to myself. I love to watch them play together when they think no one is watching. It cracks me up how Noah is busy making things come to life and Collin just laughs at the things big brother has come up with. I laugh too. I love the fact that we were blessed with two VERY different boys. They keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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