Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversations with Noah

Yesterday morning we were leaving the house and Noah found a poor little dead baby bird on our sidewalk. This opened the door toa conversation about death and Heaven. After we had finished the conversation, Noah asked, " Mom, do you ride a whale to get to Heaven? ".

Last night, on the way home from Worship Leadership practice Aaron, Noah and I had this conversation....

Noah: Do skunks have butts?
Me: What?
Noah : Do skunks have butts?
Me: Yes.
Noah: Daddy, do skunks spray God?
Aaron: No.
Me: Only if He wants them too!
Noah: Does God spank skunks?
Aaron and I : No.
Noah: OHH!

Here are a few pictures from a date that Noah and I had a couple of weeks ago. We saw (some of) "The Music Man".
It was really special!

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Erin said...

That is HILARIOUS. Kurt is looking at me weird because I'm sitting here giggling. I love the 'OHH' at the end - apparantly the relationship between skunks, their butts, and God is now crystal clear? Whew. I'm glad somebody has got that one figured out!

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